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We are tireless adventure seekers, traveling the world. Behind us, lay hundreds of thousands of kilometers of beautiful, stunning roads of Europe, India, Nepal and Mexico and god knows how many steps! 

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The company is ready to implement joint projects with producers and broadcasters who are interested in covering information about Ukraine and beyond, A.E. our documentary cycle "Going Beyond."

New Day Production – is a company with a vision. We create our own author documentaries. 


René Magritte
15 August 2014

What prompted us to experiment with a new genre? What aroused our interest?

American film festival "Independence"
21 November 2011

"Independence" - The festival of American movies

American Film Market 2011
15 November 2011

From the 2 to 9 November 2011, in California, Santa Monica the "American Film Market" was held.


Magritte - Son of Man. What does one need, to be a genius? Vulgarity and incompetence? Or the creation of a priceless masterpiece? Where is the line, circle reality turns to magic? Can death be the peak of life? Answers to these questions can be found by looking at the paintings of Rene Ghislain Magritte and our TV show. We breathe new, modern and meaningful life into the eternal paintings of Rene Magritte. We carry the revival of the long forgotten genre - TV spectacle, via our flexible-musical and interactive performance of magic in the life of the famous French- Belgian artist, who surpassed Salvador Dali himself - Rene Magritte...