Mission, principles of work

«New Day»: is a company that advocates the principles of successful media production of the future, today.

Our mission

«New Day» - we make the important information interesting and understandable. Our projects can both entertain and tell a story about the truly important new tendencies and open a new view of the old tendencies for countries that change swiftly.

We believe that on television interesting and important subjects do not contradict each other. We choose an analytical approach when it comes to choosing and preparing themes and a professional approach concerning the production and formatting process. This demands experience, know-how and considerable effort. The number of professionals who take this approach as a professional challenge grows by the day.

Search for innovative ideas

“New Day” - is a company which strives to produce and realize top of the line solutions and ideas. We constantly analyze the audience’s needs and stereotypes in order to offer a fresh view of
- Classic decisions for sponsors
- Ways to keep the audience for channels
- Informational campaigns for state and public organizations.

Maximum attention is aimed at finding common interests for sponsors and channels, the search for bright new ways of mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual understanding.

Close collaboration with sponsors and channels

Accordance of projects to mission does not mean looping on own mission and decisions. Our ideas are solutions to problems or challenges which sponsors and channels face. In order to have successful projects we actively work with channels and sponsors on all stages of the project. Meaning cooperating with channel management in discussing the shows format and constant work with the middle link managers concerning correspondence of projects with the tactical goal, which constantly change in Ukraine’s highly concurrent TV-market, and concerning the general development of creative advertising decisions for potential sponsors based on their necessities.

An orientation on the necessities of the audience

The analysis of feed-back is not limited to the detailed analysis of rating indexes and their dynamics. Thanks to modern technology and social networks, we are in constant contact with the active audience. We trace the needs, collect ideas and get discussions started.