Going Beyond

Chronometry: 26 min.
Genre – informative-cognitive
 Idea and general producer - Natalia Berezhna.

“Going Beyond” is a program that tells about the lives of different countries from the inside. About it’s specifics, history and life of the people.


An entertaining and informative show, about the genuine color of the Ukrainian regions.
Chronometry: 3-4 min.
"Mandry" is a show about traveling Ukraine that has an objective - to find interesting places in our country and to show them in a brief and understandable manner, particularly how to get there, where to stop for delicious food, and all the places one must see.

100 professionals

Chronometry: 26 min.
Genre – informative-cognitive

In each program we introduce the viewer with the production cycle from start to end starring real professionals who know their share and believe in what they are doing.


Our film «Pseudo PSEUDO», can safely be put in one row with such films as "Flying Penguin Foreman above the penguins nest", "Random Man in the Mist," "Hat of Hippocrates," "enclosed by felt", "Unearth Your Grandfather " and others.

Also, it's worth noting that on many occasions the main character of this film deserved the title “Man of the yard” according to the ladies' hygiene magazines in Europe and the rest of the world.

 Road notes for cycle of programs "Going Beyond".