René Magritte
15 August 2014

What prompted us to experiment with a new genre? What aroused our interest?

American film festival "Independence"
21 November 2011

"Independence" - The festival of American movies

American Film Market 2011
15 November 2011

From the 2 to 9 November 2011, in California, Santa Monica the "American Film Market" was held.

«New Day» and wine festival "Wine Fest 2011"
15 November 2011

From the 8 to10 of November an interesting festival and exhibition of wine and winery "Wine Fest 2011", was held in Kiev; it perfectly combined a business event and a great entertainment program.

Corporate films production.
12 October 2011

Today corporate films have gained great popularity.
But, for some reason, there is an idea, that the production of the corporate cinema is a very expensive thing...