American Film Market 2011

Alex Berezhnyi

15 November 2011

For the first time in many years, I was at the opposite ends of the earth. California, Santa Monica, palm trees, nice weather all year round and, of course the American Film Market, a film festival, which involved major elements of film and television studios and hundreds of distribution companies. There were more than 400 film screenings, including over 100 world premieres and movie series of conferences, tickets to which were sold before the festival. In fact the number of visitors this year increased by 21 percent, which set a new record for the festival.

On our side the festival was visited by Natalia Berezhnaya - President of New Day, and I. Also traveling with us was the famous photographer - Leonid Nadyuk.

Each morning began with a film conference, covering all aspects of video production; from financial and technical side of making quality films to postproduction and distribution of finished products.

After the conference, participants had the opportunity to devote their time to screenings, or to acquire useful contacts, out of over eight thousand professionals.

Despite the fact that the AFM is focused, to a greater extent, on the production of film; there were many “TV production” participants, which we managed to get acquainted with. So you should be ready for new exciting shows in the future.