Accordance of our projects to our mission does not mean obsession with our own vision and decisions. Our ideas are solutions of problems and challenges which broadcasters and sponsors often face.

In order to guarantee our project's success, we actively work with both broadcasters and sponsors on all stages of project implementation. We involve the channel's management in discussing the format of the programs and constantly work with channels mid-level management on projects compliance to the tactical objectives that often change in the competitive Ukrainian television market. Creative advertising solutions for potential sponsors are developed based on their needs.

For TV Channels

Television studio “New Day” specializes on the production of documentary movies, authorial programs and special reports.Informatively-entertaining, social and sporting programs are among the “ready for production” projects. A unique medical talk show in which doctors save peoples lives is on its final stage.All shows are produced independently, using a modern media center which provides a full specter of TV production services: Development of filming idea and style, screenwriting, budget planning, the search for and preparation of locations, castings of actors and models, post-production, filming of commercials, design...

For Sponsors

Development of the most effective format for "turnkey" television media displays, taking into account the specific of client and market; production of pilots; taking an active part in negotiations with broadcasters; development of specialized projects for the Internet.

Authors, Producers

Help in developing complete TV project (synopsis, screen plan, application), production of pilots, representing the author's ideas and interests on the level of negotiations between companies.
So, if you are an interesting collaboration with an advanced production studio, you have decent ideas and a desire to realize them, we are looking forward to working together.

International Donors

«New Day» offers a fresh vision of information campaigns for government agencies and NGOs.

Development and implementation of effective informational campaigns through televising tools, mediation in talks with broadcasters, the Internet.