Studio realizes TV projects that can entertain and amaze. At the same time they talk about the really important new trends and open new interpretation of old ones for a country that is rapidly changing. We believe that important and interesting are things that do not contradict each other on television.

For over half of the year «New Day» has shown itself as an effective production studio, able to shoot bright programs with a high rating.

Order of TV Channels

"New Day Production" has a history of successful cooperation with channels, namely, the nationwide broadcasters, 1+1, K1, Tonis and others. Cycle of travel programs "Where we are not," which appeared in Saturday prime time on channel K1, received a higher rating than the overall rating of the channel. A program about traveling Ukraine "Mandri" (literally - traveling), which appeared in the morning prime time on Channel 1 +1, apart from big ratings, was also rewarded with a great response in social networks. All this testifies to the high quality of product that we produce.


"Mandry" is a show about traveling Ukraine that has an objective - to find interesting places in our country

«Closer to the country»

a program about traveling Ukraine, which finds colorful, extraordinary, little-known places.

Creative workshop


Magritte - Son of Man. What does one need, to be a genius? Vulgarity and incompetence? Or the creation of a priceless masterpiece? Where is the line, circle reality turns to magic? Can death be the peak of life? Answers to these questions can be found by looking at the paintings of Rene Ghislain Magritte and our TV show...


«New Day» is experimenting with new channels of communication with the audience by realizing TV projects, that will be broadcast exclusively on the Internet.


Pseudo PSEUDO Annotation Statistical data on questioned recipients. The ratings of our documentary are 1, 73% higher than those of the all-time favorite, people’s choice program “Combat Shmombat”. 33, 2% of surveyed viewers confessed, under fear of torture, that this film changed their lives DRASTICALLY...

“Men’s d(m)eal”

“Men’s d(m)eal” is a show about cooking healthy and tasty food, for the whole family