Statistical data on questioned recipients.

The ratings of our documentary are 1, 73% higher than those of the all-time favorite, people’s choice program “Combat Shmombat”. 33, 2% of surveyed viewers confessed, under fear of torture, that this film changed their lives DRASTICALLY. 22, 4% of surveyed viewers said that the film had a REGULAR impact on their lives. 12, 8% state that their spouse cheated on them after seeing our film. The rest of the recipients had memory loss and failed to answer our questions.

 According to «Time» magazine’s latest information, the man with the highest I.Q. among P.E. teachers - Bill Turman, proclaimed that our documentary is the most casting in the history of mankind.

Also, we will not hide from our potential audience that our film is officially banned, for viewing and replication on 70% of the Earth's surface. It is not even allowed to listen to the audio of our film in the Sargasso Sea.

Our film was presented at many prestigious film festivals of the world and has received such and/or similar awards:

- Rowanberry Wheat Ear (USA – Sumy Wide alpenstock)

- The Golden Door Phone ( Europe, Nodoorsnowindowstown)

- Gold Plated Contour Map ( USA, Nickumaroro)

- Third Generation Diamond Skunk (Alaska, Frozenville)

- II degree award named after Schwartz-Mewish-Diarea, author of worldwide best-seller “Existentialism in agriculture”

- Golden peanut

A few words about our movie:

Topics that our film covers are deeply philosophical reflections about the meaning of all things nonexistent.  The author is very concerned about the problems of safe diving in the deserts and semi-deserts of the north-west Australia. Also, the film covers the vital status of intelligent minorities in urban transport. And finally, today’s huge problem is the uncontrolled felling of wild peyote. We found a way out of this environmental disaster: our film offers solutions to this problem. We must enforce a law abiding all to cultivate peyote plants in their apartment, on windowsills via square-cluster method, according to the recipe of the doctor Dickens.

Our film «Pseudo PSEUDO», can safely be put in one row with such films as "Flying Penguin Foreman above the penguins nest", "Random Man in the Mist," "Hat of Hippocrates," "enclosed by felt", "Unearth Your Grandfather " and others.

Also, it's worth noting that on many occasions the main character of this film deserved the title “Man of the yard” according to the ladies' hygiene magazines in Europe and the rest of the world.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful viewing!